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Employment History



Currently I work at . It’s an editor that sells a (very good) projects management software.

What I like the most here is that we work on complex problems, with strong performance and stability requirements. This makes us think a lot in order to find simple and elegant solutions. And I love thinking.

The Argus de la Presse

After a little more than 6 months working there as a consultant, happy with my work, the decided to hire me. As I really enjoyed the job, I quickly accepted.

Unfortunately, a little time after I was hired, the management announced financial losses, decided to reduce expenses and fired most consultants. This completely changed the ambiance, and furthermore I had the filling a resignation would please them. Hence, I didn’t stay long.

HN Services

The first company I worked for was , an IT service provider who sent me to several of its clients, notably banks, up to the Argus which hired me.


Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

This is where I got my Master in computer networks. I studied here the TCP/IP protocols in depth. I also had here lessons about Unix and POSIX, and computer security. But my favorite one was the lesson about queuing theory.

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

In 2005 I was accepted at the prestigious . And honestly, I think this school was made for me. There, I really felt home. The curriculum had exactly the right balance between maths and computer science for me.

Unfortunately, major health issues required me to go back to Paris, hence I couldn’t have my Master there. I still got my Bachelor’s degree with honors at this school.

Collège Stanislas

After my high-school diploma, I went in a maths-physics preparatory class for two years at . This was hard, even very hard, but today I remember with some wistfulness this time when I really had to think.

At the time, I only had two hours of computer science lessons a week. But that was enought to ignite my interest.

Open Source Contributions

Hibernate ORM

While I was working at the BPI, I found a few bugs in Hibernate. I spent some time to analyse and fix them, then I submitted some fixes. However, the main team required several years to decide whether to accept them, which discouraged me to devote more to this project.

W3C Validator

While I was studying at the ENS, I submitted two patches to the W3C validator development team. That was my very first public contributions. The first patch was about content negotiation and I don’t remember the second. However, I remember they were both accepted, which made me quite proud at the time.


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